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Tech Companies. Travis Kellerman is a tech advisor, a writer, and an aspiring futurist. He see a future where the truth of our impact on each other will be revealed through data science. Human values will be redefined. Environmental, Social, and Governance variables will be incorporated as new, bottom-line metrics capable of saving our species from climate change.

Tech Companies as an advisor, Travis uses Pull Futurism to create the future rather than fear it. He co-builds strategy to convert a designed, preferred, humanist fiction into reality. His experience as a serial entrepreneur saw dramatic growth, challenges, funding, valuations, success, failure. As a co-founder of Lavu Inc., he led 4000% revenue growth and a global expansion into eighty countries – and survived the darkness of near-catastrophe. He went on to build data platforms, scale teams, and face new existential challenges at multiple startups in Southeast Asia. He uses those lessons and experiences to advise tech executives from the strategic level, from practical philosophy and constant iteration of mission, communications, product, and business model. His journey from politics to tech strategy is at

Tech Companies. Travis is writing a book on his journey of introspection. His Roadtrip Americana project led him through the complexity of individual American lives. Stories and hidden histories and root causes emerged. He now confronts his own stories in this book: why he tells them, how they control him, what he hides and how it hurts. In the wake of unprecedented rates of suicide among men like him, he looks at his own fear and pain to understand his own complexity and challenge the simplification of his identity. Why? Hurt people hurt people. They have shared experiences and unshared feelings. There is work to be done. He starts where he’s able, with himself – by taking a long, honest look in the mirror.

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Tech Companies

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