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This episode with Katherine Devine MSN, CNP from Well Life ABQ. We talk about an alternative to healthcare for your family and your employees (something that may seem too good to be true) Katherine explains in detail how her clinic can offer patient-centric care that spends ample time with you and your employees and provides a new way healthcare should be with lower costs! If you are an entrepreneur or business owner please go here

Bio here: Katherine “KC” Devine Founder and C-FNP

KC Devine Raver is a Family Nurse Practitioner with over 20 years of experience as a Registered Nurse and Nurse Practitioner. She was born and mostly raised in Albuquerque. She completed high school in Hawaii and earned her Bachelors of Nursing from the University of Hawaii.  She commissioned into the Army after college as a Registered Nurse. She has experience in Pediatrics, Intensive Care Nursery, Oncology, Urology and Family Practice. In addition to Hawaii she has lived in South Carolina, Virginia, Texas and Washington, DC before ultimately returning home to Albuquerque. 

Never forgetting the foundation of diet and lifestyle, she believes that modern medicine has a lot to offer. Under her guidance, the treatment plans formulated at Well Life ABQ offer recommendations for nutrition, lifestyle, mental health, vitamins, herbs and yes, even medicine.   

KC is a Mother, Nurse Practitioner, Avid Reader and Popcorn Lover. She is the founder of Well Life ABQ. In addition to seeing her patients, her mission is to grow and train other Well Life ABQ providers. This way Well Life ABQ can offer great healthcare to many more people.

Here is a statement of their mission and philosophy: We want to be your medical home sweet home. We offer PATIENT-CENTRIC care, by scheduling enough time to actually get to know you and listen. Instead of quickly writing a prescription or referring you to another provider, we work with you to overcome your health problems through nutrition, lifestyle, supplements and medicine. We are committed to helping you get well, stay well and live well. 

Our philosophy is happy patients and happy providers equals better healthcare. We offer multiple treatment options and educate on the risks and benefits. The patient ultimately decides, follows and incorporates those recommendations into their life.   

We believe that health insurance does not equal quality health CARE. In fact, most of the time insurance gets in the way of care. Instead we offer a cost-effective membership that revolutionizes the relationship between patient and provider. We still use your insurance for labs, tests and referrals when you tell us to. 

We also believe in transparent costs and no surprise bills. We have also negotiated some amazing discounts on common medications and labs. Most of the time those discounts are even cheaper than using insurance.

As a membership family practice, called Direct Primary Care, Well Life ABQ is able to schedule enough time with you to actually get to know you and listen to you. 

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