Hello fellow leaders, this is Jason. In today’s episode of The Self-Aware Leader, I’m taking a moment to share a more personal perspective on leadership. These aren’t just abstract concepts; they’re five core areas I am actively exploring in my own life. As we delve into these principles, I hope my journey resonates with you, offering both guidance and inspiration as you navigate your own path to becoming a more effective and self-aware leader.

1. Clarity: Seeking Light in the Shadows

Clarity is paramount. Recently, I’ve been reflecting on times when I’ve felt stuck, questioning what steps I need to take to regain a clear vision. It’s about asking the tough questions, like, “What am I not seeing? What have I been avoiding?” For me, gaining clarity often means disconnecting from the noise—stepping back, going for long walks, or just sitting in quiet meditation to listen to what my higher self is trying to tell me.

2. Momentum: Moving Forward When It’s Hardest

Momentum is something I’ve struggled with, especially when facing setbacks. It’s easy to feel like you’re slogging through mud. I’ve learned that the energy it takes to get stuck is the same energy that can propel me forward. The key for me has been to redirect this energy positively—setting small, manageable goals, and using visualization techniques that create a series of wins, no matter how minor, to rebuild my momentum and get myself out of the rut.

3. Respect: Building Self-Respect and Mutual Respect

I’ve been pondering what respect means in my personal and professional life. How do I respect myself? This includes setting boundaries, acknowledging my achievements, and forgiving my mistakes. Extending this respect to others is equally vital. It’s about listening actively, valuing others’ contributions, and understanding their perspectives. This dual respect fosters a healthier, more supportive environment for those I lead and myself.

4. Understanding: Embracing Continuous Growth

As a leader, I’ve always believed in the importance of evolution—of striving to learn and grow from every situation. This means being open to feedback, willing to confront uncomfortable truths, and eager to apply new insights. Understanding doesn’t just apply to external knowledge; it’s also about introspection and recognizing our own patterns and behaviors that need evolution.

5. Embodiment: Living My Values Every Day

The concept of embodiment has been transformative for me. It’s about more than just understanding or agreeing with certain ideas; it’s about living them out loud, every day. Whether it’s in how I conduct a meeting, manage my time, or interact with team members, I aim to reflect my values in every action I take. This alignment is what I strive for—to not only believe in integrity, honesty, and compassion but to embody these qualities in all aspects of life.


These five principles are not just leadership strategies; they are markers on a map, guiding me through the complex terrain of leading both myself and others. Sharing this path with you is a way of honoring my commitment to not just talk the talk but walk the walk of a self-aware leader.

Call to Action:

I encourage you to reflect on these areas in your own leadership practice.

  • How can you bring more clarity and momentum into your daily challenges?

  • In what ways can you cultivate deeper respect for yourself and others?

  • How might you commit to understanding and embodying your values more fully?

Share your stories and challenges with me—let’s grow and learn together in this journey of self-aware leadership. Let’s make our leadership not just effective, but deeply personal and profoundly impactful.