How Do Emotions Drive Our Behaviors

How Do Emotions Drive Our Behaviors. I got an email this week from Steve Gutzler and he had these questions in his email and I think it is a powerful team exercise to ask them and then sit back and listen. Put these questions on your whiteboard and let your team answer them. Ohh before you begin the team meeting record it on your iphone just put on the recorder app… then listen to it multiple times.

Here is part of the email…
I’ve outlined four big questions to ask yourself (and maybe your team too) when it comes to creating these experiences.

Was the customer “surprised and delighted” in a good way? Was the customer happier after the experience compared to before? Did they feel special and valued? Do they want to tell others about the experience they had? Emotions drive our behaviors.

Emotions are everywhere and are the biggest factor in how we make decisions around our products and services.

I encourage you to gather your team members and discuss the following:

What do we do to make our customers feel unique, special, and valued? How do we include our customers in our process to ensure customization and that their needs are met? How do we surprise and delight to make the experience memorable? How do we create a level of loyalty that leads to lasting love and respect? People don’t remember ordinary moments. People don’t get excited about what is reasonably expected. People remember moments that make them feel:

Special, Wonderful, Optimistic, Enriched, Safe, Respected, Excited, Successful, Surprised, Passionate, Happy

Decide, as a team, what emotions you want to design for your customers. Avoid emotions that are ordinary. Design and deliver emotions that enhance a memorable customer experience.

Here’s to the emotional economy of your customers!

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How Do Emotions Drive Our Behaviors

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