As Fathers, we sometimes underestimate the influence we wield in our homes. Our Passion is to “Ignite the Fire for Father Engagement”.

What would your life be like if you felt celebrated rather than merely tolerated at home?

As a father, I have experienced the void created by my absence.  I know what it’s like to chase success in the workplace while your family falls to second place. 

That’s why I’ve put together this Virtual Summit – to help other fathers reclaim their roles, and become successful at home, not just at work!

These are the 6  topics we will cover in our free Summit:

  • The importance of our roles as fathers.
  • Tips you can use from a single father perspective to have influence with your children.
  • How to instill a strong work ethic in your children and a healthy balance of work and life.
  • Living a Life of INTENT-How to be involved and engaged in our children’s lives.
  • The effects of a fatherless home (Absentee Dad) and the tools to counter it.
  • Recognizing toxic patterns that contribute to undermining fatherhood.

Taking part in our Virtual Summit has never been easier. Just follow the instructions below:

1) We will send you an email a few days before the event with a Zoom link. Save this link—you will need it to join the event.

2) Install Zoom on your computer. Pro tip: test out your audio and video to make sure that they are both working properly.

3) At the time of the event, simply click on the link to join.

4) You should receive a prompt to open Zoom on your computer. Click “Open Zoom” to open the program.

5) That’s it—you’re in!