Are you interested in recall and brand recognition? Have you been relying on the same metrics and tactics for a very long time for tracking results? Well, it’s important to understand that there is space for each tactic in the media mix, right from physical advertising to campaigns that are hyper-targeted and digitally-native on LinkedIn. But a lot of times you will feel that the content being presented to you looks like a late addition, or maybe the same content is pushed across numerous channels. If you are interested in creating digital assets, non-traditional audio content needs to be high on your list. It is great for building brand recognition in the right manner. If you still aren’t sure, let me define the top reasons why you shall go for Albuquerque Business Podcast and how we together can help you reach out to your targeted customers.

why you shall go for Albuquerque Business Podcast

How Albuquerque Business Podcast can take your business to the next level

Read on if you are interested in defining, creating and distributing powerful narratives the industry you work in. Podcasts need to be on top of your ‘to do’ list due to various reasons.

1. The future lies in audio:

Personalized services have a major role to play in the present world. These are the times of Netflix, Spotify or Apple music, as the services allow customers to select where and when they listen to their preferred music. There has been remarkable progress in the market of the home hub and smart speaker due to the introduction of audio integration into services and products.

In such a scenario Albuquerque Business Podcast offers the ultimate solution in terms of podcasts that are capable of competing with other mediums for the attention of the consumer.

The professionals understand that audio content has a major role to play in internal communications, especially for large companies. You need to focus on audio content, for both external and internal audiences to let them know about your business.

2. Podcasts are now mainstream:

According to recent surveys, in the year 2018 podcasts have managed to pull in between $800m to $1.2bn in 2018 and there is a long way to go. All this took place only when Apple generated the maximum podcast downloads.

In 2019 Spotify has taken the big leap on podcasting. The podcast market is expanding at an enormous rate as Spotify has by now earned a 10-25% market share. People are getting more and more serious about podcasts and there are several other companies also in the picture. Well, if you are thinking about brand promotion, then you need to get serious about podcasts.

3. Customers related to stories told by real humans

If you are interested in the promotion of your brand, then it is important that the content should appeal to potential customers. There are a lot of companies that have become boring, muted or faceless. There are not many brands that are experimenting with something different.

A lot has changed in the field of advertising in the present era and it is significant you need to focus on telling a story or showcasing a narrative. Not many companies are able to achieve this. The golden rule says that people tend to buy from actual humans than companies. Albuquerque Business Podcast understands that it is much easier to buy from a person they trust and this can be used as a powerful audio medium.

4. Service your audience and community

Many companies do not focus on servicing their already existing customer base. It’s important that you offer the best of services to them. However, it is significant that you are able to provide them with the content that they are able to enjoy and digest too. It can act as an incredible tool.

5. The ROI has a major role to play as listeners are loyal

It is a well-established fact that podcast consumers have money, are engaged, and listen to their favorite shows repeatedly. Albuquerque Business Podcast understands that there is no other medium that is capable of making listeners aware of new services or products. As a business owner, you need to seek the help of professionals for making a positive impact.

Businesses need to be forward thinking and target future customers. Irrespective of the fact they sign up for the services right away or in the future, it is very important to speak to them consistently.